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UltraSound (TheraFus)

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  • Viral and non-viral gene therapy using 3D (bio)printing

    The overall success in launching discovered drugs is tightly restricted to the high rate of late-stage failures, which ultimately inhibits the distribution of medicines in markets. As a result, it is imperative that methods reliably predict the effectiveness and, more critically, the toxicity of medicine early in the drug development process before clinical trials be continuously innovated. We must stay up to date with the fast appearance of new infections and diseases by rapidly developing the...

  • Prevascularized Micro-/Nano-Sized Spheroid/Bead Aggregates for Vascular Tissue Engineering

    Efficient strategies to promote microvascularization in vascular tissue engineering, a central priority in regenerative medicine, are still scarce; nano- and micro-sized aggregates and spheres or beads harboring primitive microvascular beds are promising methods in vascular tissue engineering. Capillaries are the smallest type and in numerous blood vessels, which are distributed densely in cardiovascular system. To mimic this microvascular network, specific cell components and proangiogenic...


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